Thomas Wright Leads the Charge for Vote-By-Mail

During my time as the Salt Lake County Republican Party Chair, I began a vote-by-mail push in earnest. 

And in 2012, Representative Eliason and I worked closely on a bill that would give counties the ability to opt-in to all-mail elections.

Since then, we've increased voter turnout, saved the taxpayers time and money, and made it easier than ever to participate in our political process. The best part is, we didn’t have to force anyone to do it. We gave cities, counties, and voters the opportunity to try it out for themselves. 

While it took some time for the benefits and cost savings to convince everyone, by 2016 21 of Utah’s 29 counties had moved to an all-mail election. And now, in 2020, Utah will hold its first statewide vote-by-mail campaign. 

The significance of this election reform cannot be overstated. Today, Covid-19 has made vote-by-mail even more crucial. Imagine the difficulties in keeping a social distance at a polling location, trying to sanitize voting machines, and attempting to keep our immune systems uncompromised and senior citizens safe in the crowds that turn out on Election Day. 

The 2012 voting reform I championed, not only cut costs and increased voter turnout and accessibility, it ultimately mitigated the potential health risk of voting during a pandemic. 

Thanks to vote-by-mail, Utah voters don’t have to choose between staying safe and casting a ballot.

Tiffany Fox